Heather Maxwell Treating a New Client

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Feeling stressed?
Can’t sleep?
Got a pain that won’t go away?
Let Heather help you live the life you deserve.

With a mantra based on the “power of touch”, Heather Maxwell (owner of Massage Therapeutics) approaches the science of massage therapeutics as an art that transcends the basics of massage.

“I believe in a whole body approach – not just treating symptoms yet what’s causing the symptoms.”

Heather has a very successful career under her belt which provides her with an in-depth knowledge of the business. She gives 150% on her clients’ best behalf. “The most important asset I can give my clients is superior service and peace of mind and body; it is what I do and who I am.”

Her clients will tell you that Heather is committed to providing the finest treatment available for muscular pain and discomfort … and offers soothing massages that are a true treat that everyone deserves.

Massage Therapies and Massage Services

As a massage therapist in Carson City, Nevada, Heather welcomes clients of all ages and offers a wide variety of treatments and services. Trained in a variety of massage techniques, she can use any of the following disciplines to meet your specific needs while she immerses your body and soul in the art and science of massage:

Massage Therapy
Myoskelatal Therapy
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage

The Physical Benefits

The benefits that come with time invested in massage have been said to be ‘priceless’ … especially for those who have lived with pain too long in their life. Some of the physical benefits you may receive from massage therapy include:

• Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
• Greater joint flexibility and range of motion
• Improved circulation
• Reduced blood pressure
• Fewer headaches
• Greater athletic performance
• Improved posture

The Mental Benefits

Whether you just need to stress less or find some peace of mind, the mental benefits of massage that you may find after a long soothing massage may include:

Relaxed state of mind
Reduced stress
Greater self awareness
Reduced anxiety
Peace of mind

Treat yourself to the “Power of Touch”. Contact Heather today to feel better tomorrow.

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