“The work is impressive! Non Force does not mean it is Not Powerful! This work has great value – and I trust Heather to do what is necessary – It is about breaking patterns and this in it self is NOT trivial!”
Anonymous, Jan 23, 2020

“Genuine authentic care!”
Sandy, Jan 22, 2020

“The Best, very professional, highly educated in her field of work and the ambiance of the treatment room is warm, inviting and clean.”
Sharron,  Jan 10, 2020

“Heather was very thorough in her evaluation and treatment of me. She was warm and friendly, and always professional. And I felt great the next day!”
Elizabeth, Jan 08, 2020

“I liked that Heather “met” me at my level of understanding and took the time to teach, explain, and invite me in to the MFR experience that is such a new and very foreign concept. It was FUN and her work transformative — I feel different, I’m reawakening on a deep level, and that’s a GREAT thing. I disliked that our time seemed to run away.”
Anonymous, Dec 13, 2019

“Heather was amazing, I never felt so relaxed!”
Wyatt, Jul 18, 2019

“Amazing is the word. Heather spent two hours working the pain out. Immediate relief following the session and some good advice to go along with it. Will be continuing my recovery here.”
Lizy, Jun 27, 2019

“Heather is incredible! She made me feel so comfortable and just after 1 session I felt incredible. I actually cried tears of joy on my car ride home because it was the first time in forever that I actually felt relief from my pain! I highly recommend.”
Taylor, Jun 12, 2019

“Yet again Heather takes my very broken body and gives me the relief I have been praying for.”
Juliana, May 31, 2019

“Heather’s knowledge of massage and the body are unparalleled IMHO. She is very professional and I was excited to try MFR. She explained what she was doing and I felt pain relief for several days after my session.”
Anonymous, Apr 13, 2019

“I was unsure what MFR would do for my soft tissue issues in my hip. I immediately noticed a positive difference and release in tension.”
Nicole, Apr 05, 2019

“I appreciate MFR because of how Heather gives significant energy to specific areas of restriction vs massage. Massage is like being on a vacation, where with MFR you are going somewhere re improved range of motion and more fluid movements. It is always great when you can expand your range of motion versus desperately trying to hand on to what you have.” 
Jack, Mar 29, 2019

“I like that you listen to my concerns and really dig deep into what I’ve been through and how my body feels day-to-day. I feel like you worked through all the tightness and soreness, I appreciate all the time spent and I love you!”
Courtni, Mar 21, 2019

“Heather asked all the right questions and was very friendly. The environment was relaxing and made me feel right at home. This was my second experience with MFR and I will definitely be making another appointment with Heather. Overall it was an amazing experience and I am very glad I found her.”
 Veronica, Mar 07, 2019

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