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The above image is this client’s artistic expression of what she saw while receiving treatment. I see it as a beautiful interpretation of all the chemical, hormonal and energetic information that flows through our fluid fascial system. Read her testimonial to the right.

“I found Heather because she was highly recommended by other massage therapists when I asked them for specific help. I think I scared them. All referred me to her. So I thought I’d give her a try. 

I was very sceptical. My disappointment with traditional massage is it doesn’t last. The massage would be great, but a day later I’d be hurting again. However, with Heather, true healing takes place and I have lasting results. 

This is not a ‘lay there and let her massage you’ type appointment; this is a team effort to heal the body of injuries that have been there for a long time, both emotionally and physically. She addresses these with the simple touch of her hands, but her hands and education are so healing she addresses the fascia in the body and does amazing things with old injuries. Injuries I thought I was going to have to live with the rest of my life with have been healed. 

At 63, holding my bladder has become increasingly difficult. I’d relieve myself and a moment later sneeze or cough or laugh and have a small release made me so mad. I now can do all of those things and don’t lose my bladder control!

Heather’s treatments make me feel better emotionally! I’ve stopped needed to take anti-depressants since getting these treatments.

She has helped me release all the injuries that I thought I was going to have to live with the pain forever. My neck is way way better than it has ever been since I blew 4 discs in it. I’m more mobile than I have been in years. I am not constantly grabbing at my neck and no longer taking anti-inflammatories. 

I have had many other wonderful experiences but want to give the big ones. Heather’s sessions are 90 minutes. I really like that because it allows the proper time. I’m so beyond happy and so thankful to have met this amazing woman.”

Heather T, 2020

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“If you are considering Heather Maxwell for MFR therapy, just make the appointment. Heather has been my go-to body mechanic (my term) for over a decade. I have recaptured range of motion, pain has faded and I’ve been able to improve and maintain my activities.

As a psychologist, I have some understanding of practitioners and Heather is a very knowledgeable healer. Many get the knowledge part right, but strike out on the healing component. Heather’s healing strength is in her person-centered focus; she listens well and encourages me to participate in the process and provides direction between sessions.

Being able to remain significantly physically active as I age is critical to emotional wellbeing. Heather’s knowledge, caring, consistency, commitment to her work and healing abilities have been integral factors in my being able to achieve this goal.”

Dr. Jack Araza, Sept. 2021

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“I had severe vertigo for the last 4 years. I couldn’t bend to pick things up. I’d lie in bed frozen, afraid I would turn too fast and get sick. I could not drive. I could not go out with friends. I had dizziness and felt like I leaned to one side – these symptoms would last for weeks. I didn’t know when it was going to hit. It began to come every month.

I first learned of MFR from my daughter. She took a course and asked to practice on me. I had a profound reaction to the small movements she did. She encouraged me to seek a professional for regular treatment. This was completely out of my comfort zone, but realized it was exactly what I needed. There was an immediate release of stress after my first treatment with Heather. I experienced a lot of crying and spontaneous movements I could not explain, and still cannot explain. The second treatment Heather worked on my neck – it felt as if she was holding my vertigo! I could feel it flow in-and-out as she worked.

Since going to Heather consistently, I have had no symptoms, no vertigo, and feel complete stability of my body. I now plan things with my friends and family, and take trips without fear of feeling like I could get sick. I was told I could never travel on an airplane again, but since getting MFR treatments, I have. The simplest things people take for granted I can now do again, like picking up something off the floor, turning onto my side at night, and laying face down on a table to get massages. I feel like Heather gave me back my life.”

Marcela Gragert, Jan 2022

“The work is impressive! Non Force does not mean it is Not Powerful! This work has great value – and I trust Heather to do what is necessary – It is about breaking patterns and this in itself is NOT trivial!”

Anonymous, Jan. 2020

“The Best, very professional, highly educated in her field of work and the ambiance of the treatment room is warm, inviting and clean.”

Sharron, January 2020

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“Heather was very thorough in her evaluation and treatment of me. She was warm and friendly, and always professional. And I felt great the next day!”

Elizabeth, January 2020

“I liked that Heather ‘met’ me at my level of understanding and took the time to teach, explain, and invite me in to the MFR experience that is such a new and very foreign concept. It was FUN and her work transformative — I feel different, I’m reawakening on a deep level, and that’s a GREAT thing. I disliked that our time seemed to run away.”

Anonymous, December 2019

“Amazing is the word. Heather spent two hours working the pain out. Immediate relief following the session and some good advice to go along with it. Will be continuing my recovery here.”

Lizy, June 2019

“Heather is incredible! She made me feel so comfortable and just after 1 session I felt incredible. I actually cried tears of joy on my car ride home because it was the first time in forever that I actually felt relief from my pain! I highly recommend.”

Taylor, June 2019

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“Yet again Heather takes my very broken body and gives me the relief I have been praying for.”

Juliana, May 2019

“I was unsure what MFR would do for my soft tissue issues in my hip. I immediately noticed a positive difference and release in tension.”

Nicole, April 2019

“I appreciate MFR because of how Heather gives significant energy to specific areas of restriction vs massage. Massage is like being on a vacation, where with MFR you are going somewhere re improved range of motion and more fluid movements. It is always great when you can expand your range of motion versus desperately trying to hand on to what you have.”

Jack, March 2019

“Heather asked all the right questions and was very friendly. The environment was relaxing and made me feel right at home. This was my second experience with MFR and I will definitely be making another appointment with Heather. Overall it was an amazing experience and I am very glad I found her.”

Veronica, March 2019

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