“Heather is a great sports massage person/LMT; I have been her client for seven years before she decided to pursue Myofascial Release, which I have appreciated. Along with being pleasant, approachable, and engaging, Heather is fully present and consistent in her work.  

When a treatment technique was not providing complete results, Heather educated herself on other strategies that provided better orthopaedic results. Her desire to improve her knowledge and effectiveness apparently led to her commitment to Myofascial Release (MFR) which I find particularly valuable as it more fully concentrates effort on areas of the body that have lost some functioning because of restrictions and loss of range of motion. Also, the energy directed to recapturing function provides a more intense an positive experience.”

– Dr. Jack Araza


“I had the pleasure of utilizing Heather Maxwell’s deep tissue massage skills for some time with great results. She was able to facilitate faster recovery and repair and breakdown of long-standing scar tissue giving me long term pain relief and greater range of motion as well as improved overall health.  I found Heather to be a truly devoted person to her craft, something this world needs more of. She was professional, treated me with compassion and offered great advice when asked. I have a very physically demanding lifestyle and career and Heather set me on a really good path to long term body management that continues to this day. I think very highly of Heather and can recommend her and her methods wholeheartedly.’

– Winston Seymour, Owner Atomic Stone

“As a chiropractor it is important for me to be able to refer patients to someone who can treat chronic muscle problems.  Heather has the knowledge and experience to effectively treat those areas and patients have excellent outcomes.  I highly recommend Heather to anyone who is suffering from chronic muscle tension or pain.”

– BVH, Chiropractic Physician

“Heather is remarkable: whether you are there for serious deep tissue work, or simply a relaxing massage, she is calm and competent. You will not leave a session with Heather in the same frame of mind as when you arrived.”
   Roger Kirkland, Carson City NV

“I first learned the benefits of massage as an alternative to invasive and unnecessary medical procedures about the time Heather was born.  So I’ve seen many therapists over that time.  Heather is the best, most knowledgeable and compassionate therapist you could hope to find.  Truly to sum it up she is gifted and her level of professionalism is unsurpassable. I highly recommend Heather. “
– Rhonda Freih, Carson City, NV

“Heather does an excellent job with necks … she has had special training, as you can tell when she works on the neck area. I have had some major accidents which involved my neck and I would not go to anyone else for my neck. She puts her heart and sole in each massage she gives.”

– T. Johns, Carson City, NV

 “Heather is the absolute best! My wife has been to many massage therapists all over the world, and likes Heather best!”

Dick Y, Carson City, NV

 “Heather makes you feel comfortable and is genuinely concerned for your health and sense of well-being. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her quest for continuing education makes her the best. Heather is authentically in-tune with her patients and after receiving a massage, both my body and soul feel rejuvenated. I would recommend Heather without reservation.”

– Shannon Seymour, Carson City, NV

“Heather’s positive attitude, knowledge, ability and compassion make her an excellent massage therapist, and she gives a heavenly massage! Heather did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable, and she made sure she knew of any health issues that may be of concern.  The ambiance is soothing and relaxing – it makes me feel like I was on a mini-vacation!”

– Ellyn, Gardnerville, NV

 “I’ve used massage for stress relief and sports rehab for years, and in the process, have become a true massage connoisseur. Let me tell you, Heather is among the best I’ve EVER come in contact with! Intuitive, knowledgeable and skilled — Heather tunes right into what your body needs, applying just the right amount of pressure right where you need it to work out the ‘kinks’. She’s got a gift. A true pro. It’s obvious she’s found her niche and loves what she does – it truly shows in her work. I highly recommend Heather to anyone, especially to those who will only settle for the ‘best’!”

– Cathy Gillespie,  Owner of Catzeye Graphics

“Getting a massage from Heather is a magical experience, for the body and Spirit.”

Marc Hiscox

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