fluid-0048-1-e1563840711243.jpgMyofascial Release Therapy

Heather is excited to announce that she exclusively provides Myofascial Release (MFR) therapy, as it has proven more effective for long-term treatment of pain and dysfunction in the body. Therefore, she no longer practices traditional massage. 

Myofascial Release (MFR) involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into fascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore function. Slowly applying pressure to the system bypasses the body’s unconscious protective responses and allows the therapist to meld with the client to elongate and rehydrate the fascia. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

MFR is particularly effective when sessions are grouped as close together as possible (such as 2–3 treatments per week). Many people receive several MFR treatments within a short time to address a specific concern, then receive “MFR maintenance” sessions every few months.

  • 90-Minute MFR Session:  …………………………………………..  $155
  • Pack of FOUR 90-Minute MFR Sessions:  ………….  $570 (Save $50!)
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The Team at Fluid. Body. Work. (R to L) Heather Maxwell, Miranda Buscay, Sonya Weiser Souza

Therapeutic Massage & Sports Therapy

For those interested in Therapeutic Massage and Sports Therapy (in addition to, or instead of MFR Therapy), I am proud to be working with a team of excellent bodyworkers: Miranda Buscay and Sonya Weiser Souza.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required for the following conditions:

  • Less than 24-hour notification to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • No-show or missed appointments.
  • Late arrivals – arriving late for a service may require shortening the length of the treatment.
  • If the policy is not respected, we may require that you put a credit card on file before another appointment is scheduled.

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