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Heather Maxwell

There’s a magnetic and characteristic aura about Heather Maxwell that immediately instills trust and respect in her approach to massage therapy. Whether it’s her compassionate approach to exceed her clients’ needs and expectations, or just her personal nature to be “more than just a masseuse, Heather takes her job very seriously from start to finish. In fact, it’s not unusual for her clients to become lifelong friends after their therapy or massage sessions are completed.

With a very successful career under her belt, Heather has an in-depth knowledge of the business and gives 150% on her clients’ best behalf. “The most important asset I can give my clients is superior service; it is what I do and who I am.”

Heather has a true passion to make sure her clients leave with a “sense of well being” and new awareness of their bodies after every visit. Her clients will tell you that she is relentlessly determined to do whatever it takes ‘naturally’ to keep her clients off of medications and on a physical wellness program. “No one should live with pain; I help them realize that (in most cases) they can use massage, exercise or stretching to rid their body of their discomforts without the use of drugs.”

Her attraction to the massage business is seeded deep in her heart. Many years ago, Heather’s mom suffered with Cancer and at that time, found that massage helped her feel more at peace during her difficult time. Because of that experience, Heather immersed herself into the art of massage and hasn’t stopped since.

Her caring personality filters into her personal life as well; Heather donates endless hours at the local Cancer Center and Senior Centers offering personal massages to ‘just make their day a little brighter and help them feel a little better”.

Born and raised in the Carson area, Heather finds great joy in living in “a small town atmosphere where your neighbors are true neighbors”. She and her husband enjoy spending quality time with their toddler and endless family and friends throughout the region.

With a mantra of “Life is short – don’t stress the big stuff”, Heather has a great grasp on life and enjoys every minute.

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