About Heather

About Heather Maxwell

My passion for bodywork is deeply rooted in my soul.  I’ve known since age 15 that helping people through therapeutic touch is my calling. This is how I’m meant to serve.

I’ve learned through personal experience that loving-intentional touch can transform hearts and make profound change in people experiencing pain.

My mother suffered tremendous difficulty and anguish while undergoing treatment for terminal cancer. The hours I spent holding and massaging her aches and pains set me on the path to facilitating change in people who are suffering.


I have had 16 successful years as a practicing massage therapist, with many accreditations in the field. I am quite proud to have held the title of Best Massage Therapist in Carson City, Nevada for 7-straight years. My heart remains full with the fact that I have helped so many people manage their pain and symptoms.

Time for a Change …

In my search for excellence in the field of bodywork, I have come to find that a human being cannot be compartmentalized or fixed like a machine. We are a complex matrix of fluid, fascia, and consciousness. 

In April 2018, I closed my successful massage practice.  I needed to make this drastic decision to give myself fully to the process of connecting my mind and body. I was exhausted in my profession trying to “fix” what ailed my clients, only to have the same symptoms re-occur for them time and time again.  I longed for a more permanent solution for them, and for myself.  I had to go inward to heal my own lifetime of trauma and injury in order to facilitate healing for others.

During my sabbatical, I invested over 500 hours of training and therapy with John F. Barnes, PT studying Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques. The results I have seen using MFR – both personally and professionally – have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Thanks to my personal treatments of MFR Therapy, I am now:

  • … able to regulate severe depression (with thyroid hormone deficiency) without medication.
  • … free from physical pain, as I make daily self-treatment with MFR principals a priority and I receive MFR maintenance session as often as possible.
  • … aware that fascial restrictions can and do play a role in every function and dysfunction of the body.

As my layers of trauma and belief systems start to unravel, I am excited to share this new found freedom with my family, clients and community. 

A Fresh Start – A New Perspective

I am now excited to provide MFR therapyexclusively, as it has proven more effective long-term. Therefore, I no longer practice traditional massage. 

The body is crying out for attention and it cannot be ignored, medicated, surgically altered, or rubbed away. In my new practice, I remind clients it is essential to feel. I teach clients to use their pain and symptoms as a guide on the path to authentic healing.

I am currently the only

Expert Level John F. Barnes MFR practitioner in Northern Nevada. 

I acknowledge that learning and growing is a continuous process without end, making me forever a grateful client and a perpetual student of MFR techniques, principals and life.

I’m here to help ignite your body’s own healing mechanisms to bring about better health and wellness.

Contact me today to find out if you are a candidate for MFR Therapy.

“Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others…”        – Pema Codron

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